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試験科目:SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goal Management Q3/2016
問題と解答:全90問 C-THR82-1608 日本語版問題集

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試験科目:SAP Certified Application Associate - Enterprise Asset Management (Maintenance & Repair) with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6
問題と解答:全80問 C_TPLM30_66 問題と解答

>> C_TPLM30_66 問題と解答


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NO.1 What is the difference between signature steps and modify stage in a route map?
There are 2 correct answers to this question.
A. Start, exit and due dates are disabled in signature stage.
Start, exit and due dates can be set in modify stage.
B. Users cannot edit rating on PM form in signature stage.
Users can edit ratings on PM form in modify stage.
C. PM form reside with only one user at a time in signature stage.
PM form can reside with multiple users in modify stage.
D. Exit button text cannot be configured in signature stage.
Exit button text can be configured in modify stage.
Answer: B,C

C-THR82-1608 初心者   

NO.2 Where to enable feature that subjects can appear in only one session at a time?
Please choose the correct answer.
A. In Admin tools -> Manage Calibration sessions -> Validation
B. In Admin tools -> Manage Calibration Sessions -> Global Settings
C. In Admin tools -> Manage Calibration Templates -> Advanced
D. In Admin tools -> Manage Calibration Settings -> Global Settings
Answer: D

C-THR82-1608 受験記   

NO.3 Which of the following features should be configured when using the Goal Execution Status
There are 3 correct answers to this question.
A. Goal execution e-mail notification templates
B. Configure private goal permissions for use with goal execution
C. Goal Management Transfer Wizard
D. Goal execution settings in Admin Center
E. Goal execution field definitions
Answer: A,D,E

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NO.4 Your customer is using one goal section and one competency section. The customer displays
weights in the performance review form which is equally important. Based on the requirement and
practices, what weights do you assign to the sections?
Please choose the correct answer.
A. Goal section 50%, Competency section 50%
B. Goal section 25%, Competency section 25%
C. Goal section 0%, competency section0%
D. Goal section 100%, Competency section 100%
Answer: A

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